Palm Bay Real Estate

Thinking of Buying or Selling? Let me help you!

Interest rates are the lowest in over 30 years with some programs offered at less than 5%! That means that a $200,000 loan will cost around $1,000 to $1100 per month with taxes and insurance! Cheaper than rent and you get money back at tax time too.

The low interest rates should kick the housing market loose soon. Regardless of the doom-n-gloomers it is always a good time to make that first tough investment, your first home, happen. Low equities coupled with modest inflation and you have a winner. What other investment can you live in, have grow in value and make you money while you use it? Car, stock, antique furniture? I don’t think so.

And how many people are whining about loosing it big in the stock market? If they had that same amount of money in real estate that would be in fat city now. Check it out and ask around about real estate as an investment. And you will wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner.

About realtor Thomas Morrisonto

I have been actively involved in the real estate industry since 1994.  I am knowledgeable in all aspects of residential real estate from home buying, selling and investing, to land development and construction. I also do consulting for those customers with non buying or selling issues such as land use, property line concerns or real estate investment counseling. I am sought out, even by my competitors and their customers, for advice and information concerning land use and real estate issues.

My team of experts include other real estate specialists, lawyers, lenders, title and escrow firms, environmental experts, builders and surveyors just to name a few. Knowledge is power and the correct information is the most powerful.